Write By Sound

Our custom progression builder allows you to hear the chords as you build your song so that you can easily capture the sound you’re after, even if your guitar isn’t with you.

Be Organized

Stop losing track of what you’re working on. From parts of songs to the song itself, notes, lyrics, and recordings, Magical Pick™ wants to make sure you never forget that perfect progression.

Stay Inspired

If you don't have a strong grasp on musical theory, no problem! Magical Pick™ is built on a curated library of chord families that allows you to benefit from all of that knowledge and keep you inspired...seriously, we even built a randomizer into it to help get those juices flowing!

Your future self will thank you

The journey of songwriting can be messy. Notes and lyrics scribbled on loose paper, strumming ideas jotted down or hopefully “remembered” in various ways, hours of researching chords that will fit what you’re writing…it’s all a recipe for a big bowl of discouragement with a side of frustration. You have great songs inside of you and we want you to easily bring them to life! As they say, inspiration is a spark…make sure you can capture it.

Imagine being able to plan out your compositions, audibly build out progressions, make notes, write lyrics, and add recordings all in one organized space. That’s Magical Pick™, and, that’s just one side of it. There’s a whole other side of the app meant to be an open playground of exploring and learning the chords in all 24 key options from our curated library. Learn more than just the standard majors, minors, and 7ths (spoiler…there are 18 more types). Did we also mention that the library was built on chord families? Why is that important? For you, this means that any chords in a key, no matter how you combine them, will sound great together. This translates to the equivalent of a flash flood for songwriting and the cure for writer’s block!

How Does It Work?

In short, Magical Pick™ allows you to hear and plan your song ideas, add recordings and lyrics, and it helps you keep all those ideas organized!

Screens From The App

Here are a handful of screens so that you can get a preview of this songwriting tool.

Start Writing and Learning with Magical Pick™

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